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217 add


Ce jeu est génial !! Mais il y a un Bug au niveau 85 du mode " Break "

too many adds !

Way too many adds ! Every 2 minutes

Read Below With Attention

Its a good game, because has a lot of minigames and things to do , but the adversiments are really annoying, because you are playing, you die, but , do you think you can continue playing? Actually yes , but NOOOOOO, there are a lot of games who no ones play in the middle of your face


Break Lvl 85 is impossible. I always have 8 points left but nothing to break!

Really beautifull game

I am so excited for updates coming every week

Very cool with all the updates

I love it because they keep adding new gamemodes and levels

The adds!!!!

The adds are so annoying. There is so mannnnyyyy

Addictive Game

Love how it always adds new types of games with every update. Youll never get bored of this app because it always comes up with something new! :)


Unreal with the amount of stupid adds this game advertises!!!!


Its an okay game and its fun but if u get mad easily THIS IS NOT THE HAME FOR U


Too many adds, level 23 on spin is impossible, when u press u die, level 49 on slide is too hard on third circle

Good but...

Level 113 is way too long for the difficulty of that level


One reason I stopped playing this game, is because I get an advertisement every 5 attempts, and that gets very annoying and frustrating. Im sure others would agree!

Keep up the good work

This is amazing your modes are awesome some levels are hard but thats ok!! Never ever delete this app please!! This is the only game I like and I dont like many games! All the best! And whoever does not like this game to bad dont play it but others like it! ❤️❤️❤️

Pretty good game

The updates keep coming and that is awesome keep up the good work:)

I love it

I love how has different things u though up its fun I love it

Amazing game!

This game is so much fun and Im glad that the devs are putting in the effort to fire out updates every week or so. Definitely would recommend!

Its sort of fun

I used to play this game all the time it was so fun! Then I dont know... It got old and boring

Brick breaker really??

Do you realize you are stealing exact ideas from other games? As is the same with the Slide game mode. Not very impressive.

Good game but a bit of a copy

This game is very fun I have to admit BUT theres is something I found here like the bounce and cave game modes are very similar to ketchapps "dont touch the spikes of which I found out was made before colour switch witch could mean some sort of copy...?

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